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Sworn translation
English and Portuguese documents translated and legally acceptable in Brazil and internationally.

What we do:

Portuguese and English translation:

Producing in the target language the closest natural equivalent of the message in the source language, with respect to meaning and style.

Website localisation: 
The process of modifying linguistically and culturally an existing website to make it accessible, usable and culturally suitable to a new target audience.

Our commitment:

We are specialists in English and Portuguese but, in case you need solutions in other languages, we have a network of trusted professional translators, who can join our team when needed. For highly complex projects, in terms of number of words, technical expertise and/or short deadlines, we can coordinate a team of translators, guaranteeing standardization and overall quality.

Our prices are very competitive and are determined by the number of words, technical complexity and terms. Contrary to other companies in Brazil, we do not charge a premium for translations into English.

Our translations are always professionally proofread and have quality guarantee. We will work on it until our client is completely satisfied.

We will only commit to a job when we are sure we are able to meet the deadline. Every client’s document is treated as confidential.

For further information or to get a quote, send us an e-mail, fill in the form, or give us a call. We will be very glad to provide you the best language solutions.

Document types:

Corporate Communication:

  • presentations
  • catalogues
  • folders
  • internal and external communication
  • press releases
  • magazines
  • websites


  • manuals
  • specialists' reports
  • viability studies
  • reports
  • methods and procedures

Accounting and finance:

  • financial statements
  • annual reports
  • audit reports


  • scientific papers
  • presentations
  • speeched
  • abstracts

Document formats:

We work with a wide range of document formats, such as Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, html, amongst many.