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Steve Latham - A more personal look

Steve was born in London where he lived the majority of his life apart from two periods as a child in Newport Beach, California and then a subsequent time in Taunton, Somerset, UK where he completed his schooling and discovered his interest in theatre that was to prove a major changing point in his life.

He went on to study technical theatre in London before joining Imagination to work as a Lighting Designer for 17 years. Whilst there he worked on a diverse range of lighting projects from conferences to cruise ships, from car exhibitions to nationally televised events.

During his time at Imagination he completed a degree studying in the evenings and weekends. Shortly after completing this he met Eneida which led to his second big life decision: the move to Brazil. To find out more about this you can visit his personal website www.stephenlatham.co.uk.

Nowadays, his interests include diving, travelling and keeping up to date with most things Apple.